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UT Surgical Weight Loss — Don's weight loss journey


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Don's Story In his first post-surgical year, Don lost 46 pounds and his BMI dropped from 38 to 31 – a much healthier range. The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy procedure Dr. Peterson selected as ideal for Don had many advantages over the lap band and the Roux-en-Y procedures for him.


The lap sleeve gastrectomy involves removing a part of the stomach; with a smaller stomach, it takes much less food to feel 'full'. Because the remaining stomach functions normally and the intestine isn't bypassed there is no dumping syndrome and vitamin deficiencies are rare.


This procedure is ideal for a wide range of patients. It works well for the super morbidly obese patient as a first step toward surgical weight loss.


It's also good for patients who have had prior abdominal surgeries and have developed extensive adhesions, or who have other severe medical problems such as liver, heart or lung disease. Patients with lower BMIs (35-50), like Don, are also considered candidates for this procedure.



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